The following artists exhibited at the Fair in 2016.

Adam Aaronson

Specialising in free-blown glass, Adam Aaronson’s artwork experiments with self-taught methods, including painterly techniques and abstract patinas. Recently, he has been developing larger scale organic forms and exploring the idea of layering and glacial structures. Adam often uses hot glass methods to achieve forms more usually associated with kiln forming or cold assembled techniques.

Frances Arkle

Frances makes kiln-formed pieces including fused, slumped and painted glass.

The Artists General Benevolent Institution (AGBI)

The AGBI is one of the oldest charities in the UK.  It was founded by J.M.W Turner in 1814 and incorporated by Royal Charter in 1842. It gives financial assistance to professional artists and sculptors, including stained glass artists. These artists have fallen on hard times through an accident or illness, and are unable to work in the short or longer term or in old age. When an artist’s life, career or health start to collapse the AGBI is often the benevolent fund to which they turn..

Architectural glass artist Jane Campbell FMGP, who creates glass for public buildings, is the AGBI/BSMGP Fundraising Steward. To give a donation or to find out more please contact Jane via her website or send a cheque payable to The Artists General Benevolent Institution to J Campbell (AGBI Steward), The British Society of Master Glass Painters, PO Box 15, Minehead, TA24 8ZX.

Carolyn Barlow

“Colours dance in a room when the light comes through stained or fused glass. I make leaded windows and fused glass pieces. Living in the countryside of SW Scotland, I see dramatic weather, huge landscapes in the sparkling light, the sea, plants and creatures, inspiring glass creations and hand-made prints.”

Carole Bennett

Carole is a rural potter working in a small, traditional studio in East Sussex who presents an original and perceptive exploration of the types of porcelain traded along the Silk Road. She uses simple handmade glazes, hand-thrown porcelain forms on the wheel and classical Arabic texts transposed entirely by hand to create unique pieces. These traditional forms take on a new resonance in the 21st Century.

Emma Blount

Emma is the Awards Co-ordinator for the Glaziers’ Company, and will be promoting the Company’s Award for Excellence, Ashton Hill Award and Continuing Professional Development Award. She will show work by past award winners, including herself.

Claire Bramwell-Pearson

Originally a celebrated international animator and illustrator, Claire works in crystal, glassware and limited edition prints.

The British Society of Master Glass Painters (BSMGP)

Britain’s only organization devoted exclusively to the art and craft of stained glass, the BSMGP promotes and encourages high standards in stained glass painting and staining, publishes the annual Journal of Stained Glass and runs events and conferences throughout the year.

Sarah Brown

Sarah is an illustrative glass artist inspired by everyday life. Sarah loves to celebrate the beauty of a location and get people look at their surroundings again. Using a variety of techniques to create her art works such as line drawing, shading and sandblasting, Sarah tries to ensure there are small details for the viewer to discover over time.

Jonathan Cooke

Jonathan Cooke ACR served a traditional four-year apprenticeship at York Minster.  He creates a small number of original stained glass panels, watercolours and drawings.  He teaches glass-painting regularly at Swansea and elsewhere; this year in Trondheim and York. His glass-painting manual Time and Temperature was published by Swansea Metropolitan University in 2012.

Daedalian Glass Studios

One of the most innovative glass design companies in Britain specialising in the manufacture, design and installation of architectural, decorative and artistic glass. A team of British artisans, designers and technicians work together to create unique products and bespoke projects. The Fair featured work by: Davia Walmsley, Crispian Heath, Imogen Davis and Lianne French.

Nick Dale

Nick’s photography collection this year will be based on trips to the Galápagos Islands, Iguazu Falls, Antarctica, Botswana and Brazil.

Catherine Day

Coasters, dishes and plates fused and slumped using English Antique Glass, leaded panels including sandblasting and painted art work, small wood-mounted fused pieces.

Helen Dennis

Helen Dennis is exhibiting a number of complete glass bathroom ensembles and kitchen splash backs but her work is mainly commission-based. “I love getting clients involved in the design process, creating completely bespoke and original pieces that I know they will cherish and enjoy every day.”

Rachel Elliott

Rachel works from her studio in Glasgow and specialises in kiln-formed glass. She uses traditional techniques such as screen-printing with fired enamels, combined with the modern innovation of water-jet cutting.  Bright designs adorn her unique range of whimsical glass creatures.

Maria Fagan

Maria Fagan is a London based Glass Artist. Using techniques such as fusing, slumping and glass painting, she creates unique and beautiful decorative panels, glassware and jewellery. Maria also works to commission on small scale architectural projects and one-off pieces.

Fine Cell Work

The charity Fine Cell Work trains prisoners in paid, skilled, creative needlework undertaken in the hours spent in their cells in order to foster hope, discipline and self esteem. This helps them to connect to society and to leave prison with the confidence and financial means to stop offending.

Juliet Forrest

Juliet produces detailed contemporary stained glass art using traditional kiln-fired painting and staining techniques.  She also fuses glass, making decorative and functional wares. She is inspired by nature, science and the luminous quality of glass itself.

Happy Ceramics

A selection of ceramics made by the Glaziers’ own Assistant Clerk, Alison Jones.

Amber Hiscott

Amber makes uniquely designed stained glass panels, one-off screen-printed glass, original designed fashion garments digitally and ethically printed and a selection of freely expressive watercolour paintings which inspired them.

Holdman Studios: Roots of Knowledge

Holdman Studios’ Roots of Knowledge art glass window showcases humanity’s pursuit of knowledge since the dawn of recorded time. This stained glass masterpiece not only serves as a stunning piece of art, but a tangible reminder that as a human race, we are undeniably connected. Each piece of glass is individually crafted and plays a vital role in the overall wonder of the window just as each person, no matter how insignificant they feel, adds beauty and purpose to this world. Utah Valley University, the largest university in the State of Utah, will be home to this beautiful artwork.

Hannah Houstin-Lacey

Here the sketch, painting and print become an interchange between image, animal and nature and celebrates the beauty and wonder of each. Email Hannah here.

Derek Hunt

Derek Hunt is a renowned British glass artist. He designs glass artworks for public spaces, including libraries, schools, hospitals, theatres, and churches. He works with sculptural objects which can be hung on wires or fixed to walls, and also makes traditional stained glass.

John-Eric Johnson

John produces a range of contemporary domestic slipware in blue and white for the table and kitchen with an Asian influence. “I firmly believe the line between functional work and art objects should be blurred. I strive to break that barrier as often as possible by creating pieces, which through everyday use are perceived as art objects.”

Barbara Jorgensen

Handmade original ceramics, both functional and decorative, created in stoneware. Each item can stand alone, yet with only a few flowers or stems of grass the work can be transformed.

Siddy Langley

Siddy Langley’s beautiful and colourful hand-made glass is prized by collectors the world over.  Using glass powders and precious metals, Siddy fashions the individual pieces in the flame ensuring that each signed and dated piece is quite unique.

Rachel Lemon

Using throwing and hand-building techniques, I make functional ceramic vessels that use colour and glaze to fit within the home environment.

Thomas Lemon

I make my own wood blocks and use them to produce unique geometric prints, building up layers of different colours to form a balanced composition.

Nathalie Hildegard Liege

“This lady knows her glass inside out… Never boring – and exploring all forms of making. Everything comes from her own thought and creativity so her work is unique, dedicated, personal and to be enjoyed.” October 21, 2014, Alfred Fisher MBE , Chapel Studios.

David J Lilly

David is the only maker of dalle de verre glass in the UK and uses original English glass made during the heyday of the art form (1950-1980).

The London Stained Glass Repository (LSGR)

Housed at Glaziers Hall, the LSGR is a charitable trust of the Glaziers’ Company.  It retrieves and stores good quality unwanted glass from public buildings and decommissioned places of worship and seeks to find it a new home. LSGR stained glass donations may be found in the UK and around the world.  Its catalogue can be found online on the Glaziers’ Company website.

Brett Manley

Brett makes kiln formed, fused and slumped glass jewellery, chargers, and pictures.   Original designs using many combinations of techniques including hand cut stencils, drop out moulds, sandblast, hand painting, lost wax casting etc. Commissions taken. Book glass courses in her lovely light very well equipped glass studio in West London.

Naked Craft Project

Nobuyasu Yoshida (Glass), Mai Kitai (Ceramics), Hitomi Sugimoto (Ceramics)Masaki Tanaka(Glass)

A British and Japanese young Contemporary Craft project supported by the Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation (Japan).

Claire O’Sullivan (Sunbird Studio)

Contemporary hand-crafted silver and gem set jewellery, designed to be adored. Claire says, “My one aim is to make jewellery women love to wear again and again.”

Jamal Rafay

Jamal is a freelance stained glass artist and educator from Birmingham. Through his intense and disciplined drawing training, he has mastered in multiple stained glass styles and traditional hand-painting techniques. Jamal paints full-time and shares his knowledge through his drawing and stained glass workshops.

John Reyntiens

John made his first stained glass window when he was nine years old. He set up his studio in 1996 and has worked on everything from small scale domestic projects to art glass on a large scale in public buildings: Windsor Castle, Westminster Hall, Jesus College, Cambridge, and internationally in hospitals, museums, schools, churches, hotels and office buildings. Clients include Her Majesty the Queen and Versace. John trained in fine and decorative arts. Like his father, Patrick Reyntiens, he works in a fine art tradition. John and his team use hand-blown antique glass, acid etching, kiln-forming, staining, painting and gilding to create unique pieces of artwork. John is also a Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Glaziers & Painters of Glass.

Fred Rich Enamel Design

Fred’s mastery of enamelling brings vivid concepts and dream-like scenes into being in fine silverware and 18-carat fine gold jewellery. Fred can interpret the wishes of a client in a dynamic and often unexpected way and then, through meticulous craftsmanship produce a truly unique and very personal piece to be treasured.

Joey Richardson

Joey, an internationally acclaimed wood sculptor, renowned for her delicate and richly hued wood forms, illustrates stories through symbolism creating a soul for each unique piece.  A Liveryman of The Turners Company and QEST scholar she incorporates mixed media, casting her wooden forms in glass creating a new exciting concept.

Judith Rowley

Judith Rowley is a textile artist who creates textural and tactile surfaces with natural fabrics and fibres. She embellishes her work with hand and machine stitch to transform it into 2D and 3D art pieces. Judith offers beautiful and unique gifts for that special occasion and accepts commissions.

Rustique Chairs

The Rustique team finds old French artisanal chairs, rejected for being passé, and recrafts them into enchanting children’s chairs (and some for adults too) with colourful woven seats and unique characters. Rustique also carves wildwood slats into wonderful animal boards that cheer the bread and cheeses they display.

Melinda Scarborough

Jewellery designed and handmade in a contemporary style using silver, gold and glass. The designs are original, uncomplicated, easy to wear and handmade in England.

Sculpt Gallery

Debra Blik from the remowned Sculpt Gallery will be exhibiting works (glass and ceramics) by leading leading UK artists

Colin Seabrook (Woodland Bowls)

My work is inspired by the splendour of England’s trees and it is my aim to release their inner beauty. I believe that the wood bowl form shows the colours and patterns of nature’s artistry, texture, weight, warmth and perhaps spirit of the wood all in one piece of work.

Jenny Sharp

Following the successful completion of artwork for Colchester Radiotherapy Centre, Jenny has been busy in the past year with domestic commissions, including new, reproduction and restoration work. She has continued to work on her individual pieces, using silver stain, paint, sandblasting and photo imagery, creating both flat and 3D pieces.

Jonathan Spiller

Jonathan is a previous prize winner in the Stevens Architectural Glass Competition: ‘As an artist, it’s the brilliance of colour and the ever changing light which drives me to work with glass.  Fine Art meets Design meets Craft.  I’m painting on glass, producing windows, vessels and fine art works which explore new techniques and question existing design traditions.’

Pippa Stacey

Pippa’s glasswork is varied, from the magical world of glass books and related curiosities, to glass bowls, tiles and panels, using printing, hand-painting and etching techniques. Glass work is designed from original drawings and decorated to create unique and individual pieces.

The Stained Glass Museum, Ely

Learn more about the famous Stained Glass Museum, housed at Ely Cathedral. There will be a selection of works on sale from the museum shop and details of the Museum’s extensive workshop schedule.

Sarah Stanley

“I create unique, original mosaics, hand-cut using traditional techniques in glass, ceramic, porcelain, stone and marble.  I exhibit regularly at art fairs and also work to commission for private clients – wall panels, decorative dishes, garden spheres and sculpture, floors, stepping stones and water features for both interior and exterior.”

Harriet Frances Stiles

Traditional needlework, contemporary surface embellishment and jewellery-making techniques, are combined by Harriet to create adornments and accessories inspired by flora and fauna.

Louise Truslow

A self-taught glass artist, Louise works exclusively with recycled materials, using high-quality crystalline glass and making hand-crafted moulds. She will be showcasing both decorative and functional pieces including vessels and Chinese-inspired ‘Bi’. Her latest collections focus on natural themes, including lotus, corals and koi.

Alice Wheatley

“A reflection of entrapment; This is indiscriminate and indifferent; A fateful episode; This is suppressed and secreted; An estrangement from being; This is an existence; A life with consequences; This is restriction and confinement; A history of forgotten and forsaken people; This is somebody else’s life; A moment, take a look. This is Alice.”

Pauline Wong

Drawing inspiration from my Chinese heritage my jade pendants are skilfully designed with pearls and semi- precious stones. This gives these pendants a unique modern twist, putting it into the 21st century platform. To quote Coco Channel “To be irreplaceable one has to be different.”

Colin Woolf

Colin is one of the UK’s leading wild-life artists, known for his lifelike watercolours of birds, animals & landscapes. He will be working at his easel during the event. Enjoy watching a painting develop or browse his gallery of original works or fine art prints.

Lynnette Wrigley

Lynette Wrigley is a multi-media artist and designer. Her art is a synthesis of materials and techniques, shapes and subjects. She combines fine-art sensibility with broader technical expertise and craftsmanship to produce a collection of subtly crafted and finely balanced work that captures light and colour.